Saturday, September 4, 2010

Im in wordpress.

Nobody checks guessing..probabaly..most likely. So any way I'm just talking to an empty space here? i hope somebody is listening..

hey, im sorry for taking so long. It was complicated. I know you dnot love me anymore but i still love you. I love you so much i made you prettier. yes, i made something just for you and i think you're gonna like it, blog.

Here we are now:

You are wnoderfull, i hope you still like me just a little bit. yes? thanks a lot.

Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm sorry. I'm out of service ):

Sorry, I'm currently fixing the blog because I have a problem with the pictures. Besides, I decided I wanted a bigger and better blog and I wasn't getting it. I'm very complicated with school right now and I cant find time to fix it. I'll make it work eventually, I'm sorry for now.

In the meantime, read one of the amazing blogs on the sidebar. You wont be disapointed. (:

See you soon!