-Who Am I and What Makes this Blog Different?

My name is Amalia, I'm 16 years old and I love to bake. *rolls eyes*

Ugh...right? That doesnt make this blog different. What does it, is all the things that I'm living that directly affect this pretty blog of mine (:

My life is developing in a country that's currently under a corrupt, destructive and authoritary goverment (I don't hold back my tongue). I'm a positive and hopeful person, but we've had the same one for the past 11 years (practically my entire life) and the price of everything has done nothing but go up and up...meaning we can't afford to buy everything I need/want for baking.
Also, food stores are emptier than ever, so is really hard to find something.

Im studying and working hard to graduate and move on my own to another country to persue my dream career (Cinematography-Directing) so time is scarce too.

I'm in a constant battle trying to be healthy and a baker at the same time (I know is possible)

And I'm balancing those crazy battles, the bad economical and political situation, school and the emotional affair of living here (trust me, is tiring) with the things I love. Those are simple, sweet and encouraging:

Writing. English. Dancing. Rock Music. Baking.

Thant's it. That's who I am and who I want to be, and nothing and no one will keep me from it.

Thank you for reading, I hope I can make this a place where people want to stay.

Ps. The name of this blog was basically my mom's idea, she thought about "Sweet Butter" which I changed into ButterSweet because it reminds me of my favorite kind of chocolate. (:

You can comment here... or contact me here: amaliaragos@hotmail.com

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